尋同空間 | 煙火如織 x 莫洛尼壁爐成都展廳

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藝術必須出自于自然, 因自然已為人類創造出最獨特的美麗造型。—— 安東尼奧 · 高迪

Art must come from nature, Just because nature has created the most unique and beautiful shapes for human. - Antonio Gaudi


Fire is the starting point of human civilization, and the fireplace is the container of fire. It holds fire in the form of wood and stone, making the flame sway in a peaceful state. The fireplace is the altar of modern life. Sitting around the fireplace allows people to embrace the warmth of both real and metaphorical dimensions at the same time.




The Moloney Real Fire Fireplace Exhibition Hall is located in the Chengdu Fanmu Art Space. It is a black building with both insolent and quiet temperament, like a romantic brutalist masonry box.





Designing an exhibition hall is change artworks into a three-dimensional creation that allows people to travel through it. In terms of rational structure, only by understanding each exhibit can control the soul of the hall. Just like you can play chess only after know the pieces.




We hope to avoid superficial sophistication and the monotonous sense of luxury, convey a more natural intimate experience. Extract pure materials, superimpose functions, create details, and make space levels unfold naturally.



The venue is divided into two floors, with multiple functions such as exhibition, business, leisure, and photography creation. The atmosphere of the interior is connected to the outside, and the micro-cement floor has always been used to maintain the overall sense of calmness and clarity. The interior and exteriorof the exhibition are divided by the contrast of pavement to visually isolate the external noisy state.





Choose light and calm cement gray as the main color. Maintain the true nature of the material to express the pragmatism of the space. As a part of the architecture, the original materials are used to deposit traces of time.It will gradually evolve emotions and memories that coexist with the building.




Boldly impact the space tension with the method of changing color, add bright and bright exhibits in the transitional space, and enhance the architectural sense and personality of the space with prominent key colors, creating visual fluctuations.




The flow of heat makes the perception more multi-dimensional, forming a unique composite space experience. It strengthening the connection between people and space, giving the building a stronger humanistic feeling.




The solid and rough earth, the soft and gentle water waves, and the warm simple wood.Use original materials for modern decoration, and use shapes and textures to refer to ecological elements, endows the site with a poetic sense like landscape. Form a natural aesthetic system, which shows the vitality of the brand.




All forms of nature embrace the exhibits, allowing them to release their stretched postures and maintain a balance between multiple visual focal points. The jumping flame in the fireplace adds a flexible and free field to the interior.



窗是光的楔子,把守著內與外、開放與圍合、私密和公共、光明與黑暗的關卡。對于空間而言, 光的引入劃分明暗交界面,制造視覺上的體量感。

Windows are guarding the checkpoints between inside and outside, openness and enclosure, private and public, light and dark. For the space, the introduction of light divides the interface between light and dark, creating a visual sense of volume.




Under the bright light of the large windows, the texture of the material can be fully expressed. Therefore, we restrained the artificially deliberately feeling, showing signs of wear and tear, and formed texture under the carving of light.




Partitions are put into the flat site to keep the primary and secondary places are divided by the method of scaling the area. We disrupt the original straightforward light path, which makes the rhythm of the space full of changes.




圍合墻體的曲線將緊繃的空間疊加虛焦式的柔美感,弧與彎謙遜而飄逸,分離的結構形體,在光 影的雕琢下如湖面漸次產生的波紋,增添的不僅是空間結構張力,更是雕塑般的立體美感,松弛 而豐富的縱深層次。

The curve of the enclosing wall superimposes the tight space with softness. The arcs are modest and elegant, and the separated shapes under the light are like the gradually generated ripples on the lake, adding not only the tension of the spatial structure , more sculptural beauty and rich depth.





項目名稱:煙火如織 · 莫洛尼壁爐成都展廳

Project Name:Burn like weaving flame · MOLONEY

Project Coordinate:FANMATE CREATIVE ART AREA, Chengdu


Project Area:188 ㎡
Design Mechanism:Like-Minded Design
Main Designer:Daniel K.
Main Designer:Kong Lingfeng
Executive Designer:Chen Xinjie
Soft Decor Sponsor:Sentirsi FF&E Studio


Design Time:2021
Completed Time:2021
Article Writer:Xie Wanxuan
Photographer:Li Heng


尋同空間設計由設計師孔德陽及合伙人孔令鳳創立于成都,以尋相同文化維度,造不凡空間的理念,面向全球提供私人住宅及商業空間的全案設計、軟裝陳設等設計服務,力求以更精確的設計 語言,生成最舒適的生活方式。
Like-Minded Design is, located in Chengdu, is created by designer Daniel K. and Kong Lingfeng. With the concept of looking for the same cultural dimension and creating extraordinary spaces, we provide global design services including full-case design and soft decor design for advanced private house or commercial space. We strive for a more precise design language to generate the most comfortable lifestyle. 
Designing is a marathon without an end. It requires continuous learning, exploration, discovery and innovation along the way. From the building to the landscape and then to the interior, color, texture, light, environment, humanity and art, etc., Like-Minded Design control the relationship between people, things, and the environment, which makes us the planner of environmental place.


  • 暫無推薦
  • 一對一接待

    全程 1 對 1 專屬服務

  • 現場勘查


  • 產品選型


  • 深化方案


  • 專業安裝


  • 效果跟蹤


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